Me and The Brainfeeder Tour

As you know, Friday was “The Big Night.” The Brainfeeder Holy Trinity (aka Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Teebs) played in San Francisco at the same club that me and my buddy saw The Lotus at Low End Theory a few months back. For an electronic music lover like me, this was like getting to see Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy all in one room. Holy shit. 

We got there right in the middle of Strangeloop’s set. I won’t lie- I had never heard of him before this show. And after hearing what he was doing, I was practically kicking myself for never really looking into other members of Brainfeeder on my own. After all, I have been really lazy with new music these days. Anyway…Thundercat’s bass was sitting out on stage. Getting to see it up close was a little surreal. You always SEE the bass in videos, but you never think that it will just be out there just chilling.  
(more after the cut!) Here’s a shot of Strangeloop’s set that I got from the upstairs balcony. I hactually got a TON of pictures of him while he was playing, but most of them came out fuzzy because I was trying to adjust the settings on my camera to the lighting. After that, we got a special treat by getting to see Thundercat and Austin Peralta jam together. This was another situation where I wished I had taken the time to see what I would be getting into. Both these guys shred the instruments that they play. It’s like the music is just coming from their fingertips and the piano/ bass just so happens to be in the way.However, since I had NOT done my musical homework before the show, I was caught off guard by their vibe. It was very mellow… like… a low-key funk-jazz. Which I could not dance to. So, after I got a few good video clips, I sat down.TEEBS! Teebs was up next and he did NOT hesitate to bring the heat. The floor had cleared out a bit from before, but it filled up pretty quickly again. Wowowow He was just as incredible as I’d thought he’d be. There are always times when you like an artist but still think “yeah well… anyone can make a CD sound good…” This was not the case at all. I didn’t bring out my camera for The Gaslamp Killer because I was too busy dancing. If you have never seen him and have an opportunity to… GO DO IT. Don’t wait. Get a ticket asap and keep that evening open. You will be SO glad. He blew me away when I saw him at Low End Theory, and he didn’t disappoint me this time, either. 
Of course, the true man of the hour was Flying Lotus. I don’t think I have danced that hard in a while. I got one crappy photo of him and a couple of awesome videos of Thundercat playing with him on bass. Those two together are unbelievable. At one point, when they were really going at it, I felt so small. It was like I was watching them smash and destroy everything by just standing up on that stage, blasting bass at us. At one point, The Lotus paused and said into the mic- “I’m THIRSTY. I need some water.” It freaked me out because I don’t think I’d ever heard him speak before. It’s strange to hear someone who is practically a music god in your eyes request something as simple as water. And wtf… NO ONE GAVE HIM ANY! I couldn’t believe it. There was even a case of it on the stage!
After the show, we were lucky enough to get to meet Strangeloop and Austin Peralta outside. Peralta was wearing some pretty wild clothes. Strangeloop was so awesome! He talked with my friends for quite some time while I stood there staring like an idiot. Dum dum dum I don’t know wtf I was doing, because in my head I was thinking of all the things I wanted to say about his closer. Maybe I was afraid he wouldn’t want to be critiqued or he’d think I was nuts… either way, it was a huge treat to get to get to know a little about him. When I got home the next day, I looked him up online (this link here is a nice start) and it was really worth my time. Seriously, don’t wait to listen to him. Go. 
This was a great night. There is no way that it couldn’t have been. BRAINFEEDER!! yeaaaaa

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